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A study of garden birds

 Hello everyone!

I love garden birds and I also love to paint them! 😊Last year I took a course by one of my favorite artists: Sarah Stokes. In the course I learned how to illustrate birds with watercolor. Below you can see some of the birds I painted. 🐦

I used Winsor & Newton Cotman and Professional watercolors, a white gelpen (Uniball) and some colored pencils from Caran d'Ache on 300g Watercolor paper. Photo credits for the first 3 birds: Rob Van Mourick - Caperelux.

Robin 'Erithacus rubecula'
Blue tit 'Cyanistes caeruleus'

Stonechat 'Saxicola rubicola'
Branch with: Crestit tit 'Lophophanes cristatus', Nuthatch 'Sitta europaea', Long-tailed tit 'Aegithalos caudatus' and Great tit 'Parus major' (from left to right-below).
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